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At Auxilium we provide what businesses around the world currently need; access to lower cost, higher quality technical staff on a flexible contract. We save you money while taking your worries away.

You should not have to compromise on IT or communication skills while outsourcing your IT expertise. This can be achieved by sourcing your technology delivery teams and services from Sri Lanka, where you can obtain excellent IT staff who all have fantastic English language skills, written and verbal. We have all of the networks and access you need to make this happen.











We perform an initial discovery project with you to analyse your current IT team. We look for opportunities to augment your existing IT abilities with new skills as well as looking at whether you should consider replacing existing team members with new ones from Sri Lanka. The deliverable from this stage is an analysis document that highlights the current structure of your team and the opportunities to restructure it using a Hybrid Staff Augmentation model.



The HSA Analysis document is then used to workshop and agree the IT Team in a Box solution. We will agree the desired end state team which may include using some new staff from Sri Lanka and keeping a smaller number of on-site people for hand and feet work. We will also agree the steps required to work towards that end state and set the timeframe.



Once the desired end state and steps have been agreed, we proceed to the recruitment stage. We will source the right people for you from our Sri Lankan market. We will perform initial interviews to reduce the number of applicants down to a small handful, so that you only have to interview the top candidates.



Once the new team members have been successfully recruited, we help you onboard them into your business as full time employees, using your own standard onboarding processes. You enjoy the flexibility of paying for these team members on a contract, but you also get the benefits of knowing that they are your employees, only working on your business.



Your Account Management team will continue to provide ongoing support during the term of your contract. This includes some shared on-site leadership services in Sri Lanka and replacement of any members who have to leave your team for any reason.

Our flagship service is our IT Team in a Box.

Rather than providing a Shared Managed Service, we want to give you a viable (and in many ways, better) alternative to maintaining an internal IT support and delivery team within your business.



2020, well, what can we say? Who of us could have foreseen, back in early 2020, what that fateful year would have dealt out to us all, both individually and to our businesses?


Rather than dwelling further on the challenges from 2020, we prefer to focus on some of the positives that came from the experience. One of the biggest changes within the psyche of business owners was the realisation that a large proportion of their staff could easily work from home and still deliver a high quality of work. In fact, some staff members found that their work actually improved without being distracted by office drama. Not to mention recovered productive time from commuting and long lunch breaks.


Further to this, business leaders are now realising that with the reduced reliance on office presence, they can open their staffing up to global applicants rather than being restricted to their local market.



Auxilium is a truly Internationally owned business. With founding partners in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom, as well as Sri Lanka, we are well situated to understand and relate to the people in your business. The Sri Lankan staff we use are perfectly suited to providing outsourced services to the Western world, with their excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.


In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our services and products beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly.


A group of like-minded people got together to think about how IT is done. Why should it be so difficult? Connecting people globally, making their lives easier and simple.

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