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Refactoring & Re-Architecture

When you are dealing with outdated legacy systems, the challenges you face are endless. This includes incompatibility with new-technology platforms, lack of mobile capabilities, security threats, high device-dependency and high operating, support and maintenance costs and much more which hinder your growth. When investing in brand new systems is not within the budget, system modernization is the best option for organizations.  However, a successful legacy transformation requires making many high stakes decisions which is why you need an experienced IT legacy transformation solution provider on your team.

VirtuLink delivers comprehensive legacy transformation solutions delivering Refactoring & Re-Architecture services. We’ll take care of everything from outdated system upgrades with the right technology, load testing, in-house employee training to troubleshooting to help you fulfil the evolving demand with your existing systems. Our solutions are always developed to transform the system architecture to meet the requirements while keeping the workflows intact.

Delivering a range of legacy transformation services including legacy system modernization, legacy software migration, legacy application modernization, legacy system support and legacy software modernization we ensure a low -risk and seamless transition.

With a team of skilled & experienced technical architects, developers and UX designers, we provide cost-effective solutions to minimize the cost of ownership following an agile methodology.


Speed up your operations, cut down business costs and make use of data to foresee what’s coming. The 4th industrial revolution has turned the business landscape upside down, expanding possibilities for businesses with futuristic technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Deep Learning and more.

When you need to digitally transform your business to streamline your operations, digitalize your work environment, speed up your processes or to improve operational efficiency we are here to help you deliver a full solution for a fast and hassle-free transformation.

VirtuLink provides the winning industry 4.0 solutions to suit your business and help you make your business future proof with the latest technologies. Our tech experts will help you plan your organization’s digital transformation from start to finish. From developing the tailored solution, building a road map for implementation, ensuring  seamless integration to transforming your company culture for the new technologies we’ll be there at each step of the way guiding you for a seamless transformation. 

Being able to help many businesses with their digital transformation, our team has worked with businesses of all industries and all sizes. Our experts will always explain why we do what we do leaving the complex jargon out to help you understand what’s exactly going on throughout the journey. 

If you are trying to figure out our to gear your business for the new digital age Give us a Call

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